Avaya is now bankrupt and RingCentral is not too far behind- What consumers should do next?

Recent news Avaya, one of the leading providers of phone systems for businesses, has recently gone bankrupt and its stock price has gone to zero.
This news has left many companies searching for a new phone system provider that offers the most up-to-date technology.
RingCentral is not the answer either. It has been predicted both stocks crashing within 24 months back in 2020, the reason being is both technologies were just not prepared for the following key reasons.
Poor consumer response to the needs of an immediate market
Poor learning curve and training
Poor Service
Overpaying for business, paying telecom agents spiffs
Providing poor onboarding experiences

The following five reasons above are required to retain the current and new customer base was going to be and is still overwhelming for the giant tech companies; switching from Avaya to RingCentral does not make sense at the moment; I fear more consumers would suffer the exact same results in the end, poor customer service and training, onboarding fees and increased prices will cause more harm than good

If you have Avaya as your current provider, should you switch? The short answer is yes! Avaya is at the point where not even money can save them.
Valentine Systems is an excellent choice for those looking to switch from Avaya.

Valentine Systems is built on a powerful WebRTC platform, which allows businesses to enjoy increased web sales and deliver unparalleled customer service. The Unified Communications powered by WebRTC creates additional value with features such as video conferencing, voice calls, chat messaging, and more. With Valentine Systems , businesses can also benefit from improved security of their business and clients. In addition to providing cutting-edge technology, solid strategy and guideline. for more information.


Please visit our website Valentinesystems.com You can also call or text us 631-862-1339 For a free consultation on how to access, define and rollout out Avaya’s failing technology and roll up into a cloud-based solution!

Last Updated: February 24th, 2023

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