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About Us

Valentine Systems provides technology solutions for businesses including Phone Systems, CCTV Systems, Paging Systems, Voice and Data Cabling, Promotion On Hold Solutions, and Card Access Systems. We install both VoIP and digital phone systems. Our technology solutions will help you better handle your business operations.

Valentine Systems is known for its OUTSTANDING customer service and technical support. With 24 hour emergency service, we are always ready to handle any problem or question you may have. After an installation, we will train your staff to use your new system and all of its features.

We anticipate client growth and future needs and design systems that will enable growth – eliminating the waste and expense of buying a new system. We’re environmentally conscious and cost conscious at the same time. We’ve have earned a reputation for superior accessibility and responsiveness to customer issues.

We take great pride in providing all of our businesses clients with cost effective communications solutions and exceptional service including 24 hour emergency service and a one year advanced replacement warranty on all parts and/or systems purchased.

Client Testimonals

We’re proud to hear what clients say about us…

“In reference to Walter at Valentine, we use them. It’s a great system. Excellent customer service. Whenever I have a problem they have someone come out here. He’s good. He’s always there when you need to get in touch with him.”

– Linda, Client

“I’ve been using Valentine almost 10 years now. They put in systems in both of my new buildings. 100% satisfied. Never had any issues with him. He does what he says he’s going to do and he prices it right. I got his cell number so I call him whenever I’ve got a problem. Had a problem at night one time and he got right back to me; we handled it. Good people.”

– Kevin, Client, Long Island

“We’ve known Walter and Valentine Systems a long time. Purchased a couple of systems at my prior company and then purchased a couple here. We purchased one and then expanded it onto another branch. We’ve been very, very happy with Walter. Their response time is good. They’re willing to help and go the extra mile to make things work.”

– Anthony, Client

“We’ve been working with Walter from Valentine since 1988. We used him back then when we expanded our operation and when we expanded this operation we went back to him once again. We’re very happy with his service. In my 35 years of entrepreneurship every business is going to have their challenges. It’s a question of how you handle them and I have to say that whatever it is that arise in this process of these installations, which is pretty complex, that Walter really does a nice job nurturing the process and making sure he’s there as you need him to be whether its remotely or on site. Response time is pretty fascinating. His prices are fair. He knows what he’s talking about. He provides the proper training as you require it. He’s always going to be there for you. Feel comfortable and confident in Walter.”

– Joe, Client

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