VMAX® IP Plus™ 8-channel PoE NVR with 4 virtual channelsModel: DW-VP12xT8P

The VMAX® IP Plus™ is an easy to use PoE NVR that allows you to go from power up to monitoring in less than three minutes! The NVR offers unique features such as CCIP™ camera encryption and internal systems diagnostics, keeping your system healthy, secure and up to date. Combine with the DW Witness™ app to turn the camera on a smartphone or tablet into a surveillance camera that can be viewed and recorded on the NVR. Combine your VMAX IP Plus with DW Spot™ Monitoring Modules for public view monitors. Each NVR can support up to 16 remote connections and share a maximum of 64 channels simultaneously.

Available with 8 PoE ports (expandable to 12 cameras by adding an external PoE switch), the NVRs can record and manage single-sensor IP cameras up to 4K resolution with 80Mbps throughput.

Recommended app: VMAX® Plus App
To download the app, search ‘DW®’ or ‘VMAX Plus’ in the Google Play Market or Apple App Store.